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  • 02.10.2014 Семинар Lappeenranta - Green for Real, Ленэкспо

    Семинар «Внедрение «зеленых» технологий на уровне города: опыт Лаппеенранты, Финляндия» 2... Read more...

  • 04.09.2014 Семинар "Лаппеенранта - Ваш выход на европейский рынок"

    Приглашаем Вас принять участие в семинаре «Лаппеенранта-Ваш выход на европейский рынок» 4 сентября 2014 года с... Read more...

  • 07.10.2014 Выставка туристических программ goSaimaa в Санкт-Петербурге

    Добро пожаловать на выставку goSaimaa!  Вы заинтересованы в туризме в Финляндии и в регионе озера... Read more...


    MIXED: NETWORKING MORNING 11.8.2014Do You need more information about issues important to entrepreneurs, customers, networks or support from someone in similar situation as Yourself? You are most... Read more...

Welcome to Lappeenranta Center in St. Petersburg!

Lappeenranta Center in St. Petersburg is a representative office for Wirma Lappeenranta Oy, acting as a Lappeenranta municipal company for development of business, innovations and tourism.

Lappeenranta Center (earlier together with The Finnish-Russian Innovation Centre) provides a medium for European and Russian companies and organizations to exchange ideas on innovation & commercialization activities. The Centre stimulates cooperation in R & D among its wide customer base of private and public entities: entrepreneurships, corporations, organizations, research institutions, universities, innovation centres and technology parks. The Centre supports the companies looking for the right networks, partners and venture capitalists to commercialize their innovations at any stage of development.

We are here to help you to package your innovations for commercialization, find the right sources of financing, ensure the IPR protection and take the right steps when entering the European or Russian markets.  Visit us to learn more and launch new business opportunities across borders.


Growth centre for innovative people and business

The international university city of Lappeenranta is the most significant meeting point between the EU and Russia, located 220 kilometres from the cities of Helsinki and St. Petersburg. This growth centre of approximately 72,000 residents is the engine of South East Finland’s business life. It competes with Helsinki for the title of the largest city in Finland based on Tax Free sales. 

The innovative operating environment and excellent networks of Lappeenranta make starting or expanding international business operations easy. The city is full of skilled labour and service capacity. In a university city, R&D opportunities are within arm’s reach. Five million people with rapidly growing purchasing power live within a 200 km radius. Lappeenranta is developing into an important centre of modern service industries. 

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) provides high quality education in the fields of technology and business. This international science university’s strategic areas of expertise are related to energy efficiency, the energy markets and know-how on Russia. The unique cooperation with the partner universities of St. Petersburg provides the possibility to complete an international double-degree. 

Europe’s most significant forest industry cluster has strongly focused its research activities in Lappeenranta which also supports the location of other similar activities there. Forest industry is joined by major players from fields such as energy technology, electrical engineering, chemical technology, and hi-tech metal structures, among others. Being officially considered amongst the most important growth centres in Finland guarantees that the vitality of the region is also supported by means of regional policy. 


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